Mikayla is an artist born and raised in Washington and has been creating art since a young age. Many pieces and inspiration for her work come from the experience of life on the edge, addiction, recovery, insanity and trauma. Other pieces speak to the disturbing and satirical contemplations on life, meaning and even the mundane day to day emotions and situations. Themes throughout her art also range from the appeal of addiction and bittersweet journey of substance abuse to the absurdity of social norms, conventions and group-think mentalities. Mikayla’s motivation for creating her art comes from the desire to create something that invites people to appreciate and laugh at some of the distressing, confusing and sometimes morbid emotions that can be evoked in the modern day to day world.
Mikayla’s inspiration now-a -days is portraiture and capturing subtle facial expressions in a surrealistic way often through neon mediums which glow under black-light. She is constantly in a growth mind set and invests a lot of time in learning and exploring new mediums, techniques and ways of approaching putting an idea to fruition. She also enjoys making personalized art for loved ones and will even take work on commission from time to time. She is currently showing her work in a gallery and is looking forward to her future endevours.